आप भी पूज्य गुरुदेव के संकल्पों से जुड़ें और सनातन धर्म की रक्षा एवं मानव सेवा में सहयोग देकर पुण्य के भागी बनें ।


The biography of Pujya Gurudev

Devotees of Lord Balaji, blessed by the great sage and sannyasi Baba, and disciples of the renowned saint and storyteller, the revered Shri Shri 108 Pujya Shri Tulsi Peethadheeshwar Swami Shri Ram Bhadracharya Ji Maharaj, who is not only a prominent saint in India but also holds a significant place globally, and the head of Bageshwar Dham, the revered Guru Dev, Bhagwan Pandit Shri Dhirendra Krishna Shastri Ji, are not only famous in India but also the most celebrated and youthful saints in the world. He is the only popular young saint and storyteller in the world who tirelessly serves the cause of awakening the ancient wisdom throughout the country. He is the only storyteller who, through the medium of Shrimad Bhagavat, Shri Ram Katha, and Shri Hanuman Katha, is propagating the essence of Sanatan (eternal) principles across the entire country and the world. By receiving the blessings of Shri Balaji and the achievements of the sannyasi Baba, he has brought liberation from physical, divine, and material hardships to numerous people around the world.

He was born on July 4, 1996, in a small village called Gadha in Chhatarpur district. Born into a Garg gotra (clan) and Shukla Vansh Brahmin family, his respected father is named Shri Ramkrupal Garg and mother is named Smt. Saroj Garg. Among three siblings, he is the eldest. You have a younger sister and brother. His childhood was spent in a humble Brahmin family,and from a young age, his sharp intellect and dedication towards Sanatan principles turned him towards the path of spirituality.

As a child, he used to worship and serve the Lord in the ancient Bageshwar temple located on the outskirts of the village with his revered grandfather Guru. For the maintenance of the family, since childhood, he gained skill in RamcharitManas and Satyanarayan stories and rituals and through this you helped your father in the maintenance of the family by receiving alms and donations. After studying up to 8th standard in the government school located in the village itself and up to 12th standard in the nearby Nagar Ganj, he studied up to graduation and later learned mantras from the country's famous saint Pujya Shri Tulsi Peethadhishwar Jagatguru Shri Rambhadracharya Ji Maharaj. Received initiation. A new turn came in his life when Dada Guru's abode took place. After their demise, he was momentarily perturbed, but it was that inspiration that led him to embrace the service of Shri Balaji for a certain period. Displaying faith and dedication towards this singular goal, he chose to remain incognito since childhood, and it was through this anonymity that he became a recipient of Shri Balaji's grace. Having received the blessings of their accomplished grace, he attained the method from the Kalakhanda of Maharishi Valmiki, a method through which he document inspirations about someone's past, present, and future on paper without being informed by any individual.

Through the medium of this Siddhi-like grace, he began his journey towards enhancing people's dedication to the eternal and initiating the propagation of Sanatan (eternal principles) worldwide, with the direction of transforming India into a Hindu nation. At Shri BageshwarDham, he undertook the maintenance and construction of the self-manifested shrines of Shri Balaji and Lord Bagheshwar. Additionally, He initiated the regular operation of the Annapurna Kitchen, catering to the devotees. Today, Respected Guruji, he is engaged in the noble task of reading religious narratives and connecting millions of people with the Sanatan culture in our country and around the world. Through the medium of his grace-like accomplishments, he is providing a path to alleviate their difficulties.