Guru's Priceless Teachings

Food Donation is the Best Donation

In the Sanatan Dharma, the act of giving holds significant importance. Essentially, there are four types of donations: donating clothes, donating material goods, donating to cows, and donating food. When a person gives clothing, it alleviates their mental sins. Similarly, material donations lead to the eradication of accrued sins. Through the act of donating to cows, past sins are purged, and when someone donates food, their physical, divine, and worldly sins are obliterated. There is no greater virtue than providing food to the hungry. Upholding this principle, at Shri Bageshwar Dham, an ongoing and free food distribution is conducted daily in the form of Mata Annapurna Bhandara. For the past five years, thousands of devotees partake in this free prasadam, and numerous individuals engage in selfless service.

"Sant Udhay Santat Sukh Kari,Vishv Sukhad Jimi Indu Tamari"

Just as the moon rises to dispel the darkness of the night with its cool radiance, similarly, saints alleviate the sorrows of living beings. In the Sanatan culture, beyond God, saints possess the ability to relieve your sufferings in the world. Hence, whenever the opportunity arises, seek the presence of saints. Dedicate your life to serving saints, for this commitment will always be beneficial for you.

Sanatan’s Greatness

In the entire world, the eternal is the most ancient and supreme way of life. Sanatan is a culture that prays for the happiness of all and the well-being of all, wishing that everyone be joyful and healthy. Sanatan has always considered the whole world as its family, with the feeling of "Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam." In this culture, there is a vast philosophy encompassing religion, actions, and life. We must protect this ancient culture by connecting our current and future generations to its values.

"Gaushala Nahi Upay,Eak Hindu Eak Gaay"

The household where cow rearing is practised is home to cultured and contented people. The glory of the mother cow is boundless. If a person provides a place for the mother cow in their home or temple, they can liberate themselves from numerous troubles. In the scriptures, the mother cow is described as bestowing liberation. In Sanatan culture, the mission of the Shri Bageshwar Dham family is to propagate the virtuous rewards of cow service to every individual and make the neglected mother cow beloved to all. The campaign's declaration is "Not just cow shelters, but a Hindu, a cow." Every Hindu family should undertake the nurturing of cows.

The Strength of Hindutva Through Social Harmony

In different periods, various foreign invasions have employed a policy of division to destroy the magnificent culture of Sanatan by undermining the ideals of Hinduism and promoting the ideas of casteism. Now is the time for us to strengthen social harmony and thus fortify Hinduism, so that manipulative forces can never harm our great Sanatan culture. Let all Hindus unite; let Bharat be a Hindu nation.

Guru's Glory

People who respect a Guru are not just Buddhists, rather, they are individuals who possess the qualities of a true guide. Those whose Guru is strong-willed, their disciples become strong and resilient. A capable Guru can elevate a commoner to the status of a king. People either should completely accept the Guru's authority or surrender everything to the Guru. When such an attitude arises in life, even the worthless become worthy. Just as in our lives, miraculous events have occurred due to the immense compassion of revered saints like Sanyasi Baba, Shri Dada Guru, and Jagatguru, the revered head of the Tulsi Peeth. Those very miracles, through Guru's grace, can manifest in your life as well.

Meditation That Relieves Stress

Today, the majority of our country's population consists of youth, and this youth is the strong and dynamic force of our nation. However, it is being observed that our youth is currently grappling with stress. The reason behind this is their detachment from our ancient culture. If the youth embrace the Sanatan culture and move towards solutions with a focused approach, they have the potential to make this nation a global leader. The Bageshwar Dham family always endeavors to support such youth. We need to harness the energy of the youth to strengthen our nation. Welcome, everyone.

Trinity of the Earth

Do you know about the (tridev) Trinity of the Earth, do you want to have their blessings, and do you wish to fulfil your desires through them? Then come and learn about the Trinity of the Earth. On this Earth, our parents and teachers are the Trinity who are regarded as the destroyer of generators, operators, and ego. That's why we always say, respect your parents and teachers. They can provide you with the right guidance.

Why is it Necessary to Apply Tilak?

Just as a married woman is recognized as devoted through the vermillion on her forehead, similarly, a Hindu person is recognized as a devotee of the divine by wearing the tilak on their forehead. When followers of other paths do not find any issue in adopting their symbolic signs, then why should our youth have any hesitation? Let's embrace the Sanatan culture, understand the significance of the tilak, and incorporate it into our lives.