To Reach Bageshwar Dham Located in Chhatarpur District of Madhya Pradesh, There are Convenient Road, Rail, and Air Travel options available. Near Bageshwar Dham, the world-renowned tourist destination Khajuraho is also situated. Daily flight services are available from Delhi to Khajuraho. Similarly, Khajuraho is approximately 20 kilometres away from Bageshwar Dham, and Chhatarpur district headquarters is around 35 kilometres away, both having railway stations. Both of these stations have the convenience of railway connectivity from various major centres across the country. Shri Bageshwar Dham is situated on the Jhansi-Khajuraho National Highway. You can also easily reach Bageshwar Dham via this route.

At Shri Bageshwar Dham, the divine presence of Shri Balaji Sarkar and the blessings of Revered Sanyasi Baba lead to the alleviation of physical, spiritual, and worldly hardships. Respected Guruji becomes a medium in this journey. His guidance proves to be highly beneficial, providing a pathway for people in distress and offering solutions to their problems. For years, this divine site at Shri Bageshwar Dham has been fulfilling the aspirations of numerous people. Devotees submit their desires at this sacred place. To fulfil their desires, devotees tie coconuts here. Different-coloured cloths are used to signify different issues: red for physical ailments, yellow for disruptions in auspicious events, and black for problems caused by negative energies. The tied coconuts are placed in the temple premises at Shri Bageshwar Dham, symbolising offerings. During this process, devotees express their difficulties to Lord Balaji and pray for their resolution. This practice is known as 'arji lagana.' After the acceptance of these requests and the receipt of guidance, the case file of the devotee, representing their problem, reaches the 'court' of Lord Balaji, symbolised by the canopy ('dhayodi'). Revered Sanyasi Baba personally presents the case to Lord Balaji's 'court,' offering fervent prayers for the resolution of the devotee's troubles. The positive intentions of Revered Sanyasi Baba start functioning as a powerful force, akin to an army, dismantling the difficulties faced by the devotees.

After the acceptance of the 'arji' (petition) at the court of Shri Balaji and receiving guidance marked on the slip by Respected Guruji, the devotee needs to visit the court of Shri Bageshwar Balaji on either 21 consecutive Tuesdays or Saturdays. Carrying the slip along with their issues, the devotee participates in the morning Aarti on Tuesdays and Saturdays, engaging in continuous prayers to Lord Balaji for the resolution of their hardships. This process is known as 'peshi.' From the moment the request is accepted until the completion of 21 'peshis,' the devotee abstains from consuming garlic, onion, meat, and alcohol. Through a disciplined life and regular prayers, the devotee's problems find a resolution as they complete the 21 'peshis.' During the 'peshi,' if Respected Guruji is present at the shrine, the devotee also gets the opportunity to meet Respected Guruji along with their guidance slip, where Respected Guruji marks the number of the 'peshi' on the slip.

Devotees become part of Respected Guruji's divine court to seek the resolution of their hardships. For this, devotees are required to tie a coconut to an 'arji' (petition) slip either by visiting Shri Bageshwar Dham beforehand or by placing a coconut in their home temple and mentally focusing on Lord Balaji while submitting their request. When Respected Guruji is present at the shrine, a daily arrangement is made for the divine court, where hundreds and thousands of people sit and chant the name of Lord Ram. Among these participants, those whose 'arji' is accepted are suddenly summoned by Respected Guruji to the court, and he prepares their guidance slip. This same process is also conducted during storytelling events across the country. Wherever Respected Guruji holds a storytelling session, there is a one-day arrangement for the divine court. By participating in this divine court, people can have their guidance slip prepared.

In order to attain the grace of revered Gurudev and to receive their guidance throughout life, as well as to become a part of the Shri Bageshwar Dham disciple community, devotees receive the initiation of Gurudev's mantra. Taking refuge in the grace of Gurudev or receiving mantra initiation, timely initiation ceremonies are organised. During the course of spiritual discourses (kathas), revered Gurudev imparts mantra initiation to dedicated disciples across the country. Similarly, at the Dham (spiritual centre), initiation ceremonies are also organised based on prior information. Information about these ceremonies is periodically communicated to devotees through various communication means or the website, ensuring it reaches them in a timely manner.

Revered Gurudev remains available on a regular basis for their devotees. Wherever their spiritual discourses (kathas) take place in the country, a one-day Darshan and Bhagwati program are organised. Revered Gurudev personally bestows the blessed offerings from Vedic mantras, which have been consecrated in sacred fire rituals (yajnas), upon the devotees. This blessed offering aids in alleviating difficulties. If revered Gurudev is present at the Dham (spiritual centre), then daily distribution of Darshan and blessed offerings also takes place at the Dham.

If you wish to become a part of the Shri Bageshwar Dham family and participate in this grand mission of serving Sanatan Dharma (eternal principles) and humanity, you can register by providing your name, address, and mobile number on the website. Alternatively, you can contact the office at Shri Bageshwar Dham and become a part of the Shri Bageshwar Dham family.